The tennis courts are open to all paid members of the Association. Amenity bands must be worn at all times to identify residents.

The following guidelines and procedures are organized into three sections as follows:


At least one of the players on each court must be an Association member. Houseguests (not neighboring subdivision visitors) are considered an extension of the member’s household.

Each member is responsible for ensuring the proper court usage by family members. Children using the courts without adult supervision must be capable of proper tennis play.

Place all litter in the trash cans on the net posts or the cans outside the courts. All members are asked to share responsibility in emptying the net post cans into the larger trash receptacles outside of the courts.

Smooth-soled tennis shoes are to be worn on the courts. No bikes, skateboards, roller blades, carriages or any other type of vehicles are allowed within the fenced tennis courts.

Pets are not permitted in or around the court area.

No glass containers of any type are permitted within the fenced-in area of the courts.


Sign-up sheets are provided for reserving the tennis courts. The maximum reserved playing time is two hours. Court reservations may be made no more than 48 hours in advance of desired playing time. Members found reserving a court more than 48 hours ahead of desired playing time may be ‘bumped’ by another player. In order to do this, you must notify the member of their illegal reservation and advise that they must reschedule playing time in compliance with the Association’s rules.

In the event that a member has reserved a court following the scheduled time for a sanctioned league match and finds the court still in use by the league team, the league team is permitted to finish their match. The member may reschedule play as is available on

the sign-up sheet. This privilege extends to scheduled (reserved) league make-up matches as well.

If the league match is drawing to a conclusion, please extend the courtesy of waiting for the match to finish before entering the available court.

Players not arriving within 15 minutes of their reserved playing time forfeit their reservation and the court becomes available for use by any other player.

WALK-ON USAGE: Members may use the courts at any time when not in use on a ‘walk-on’ basis. Use of the courts in this manner still requires a sign-up sheet. By doing so, if time is available, the member may obtain a two-hour time slot. Without signing up, if another member were also to play as a ‘walk-on,’ you would have to vacate the court within one hour of their arrival.

Proper usage of the sign-up sheet is important to ensure fairness to all tennis members and for tracking purposes.