1. Standard Red Cross safety rules will be enforced.
2. Unattended solo bathing (swimming) is prohibited.
3. Swim at your own risk, when lifeguards are not on duty.
4. Non-swimmers must stay in the shallow area (unless accompanied by an adult in deep area).
5. For health, safety and welfare of children under 14, they may not swim unattended. An
attendant must be at least 18 years of age.
6. No running, pushing, or horseplay will be permitted in or around the pool.
7. All swimmers entering the pool, must be in proper swimming attire.
8. No cut-offs or basketball shorts.
9. All swimmers will be expected to exercise common courtesy while using the pool amenities.
10. No diving will be permitted at any time.
11. The pool area at the bottom of the slide must be cleared of patrons, before the next slider is
allowed to slide.
12. No smoking or glassware is permitted in the pool area.
13. Beverages in containers other than glass may be consumed on the pool deck.
14. No bicycles, tricycles, skates, skateboards, roller blades, etc. are allowed inside the pool area.
15. No swimming allowed during heavy rain or when thunder and lighten can be seen or heard.
16. During adult swim (15 minutes’ lifeguard break), no one under 18 is allowed in the pool.
17. Children should be encouraged to use the restroom during adult swim.
Homeowners are encouraged to discuss these rules and safety regulations with family
members and guests before using the facilities and to assist in enforcing these rules.


1. No gambling, fighting or profane language will be tolerated.
2. Trash must be placed in trash containers provided.
3. Pool furniture should be treated with care.
4. Pool furniture should be returned to its original position and umbrellas should be closed, when
leaving the pool.
5. No cutoffs or basketball shorts are allowed in the pool.
6. No pool or drinks are allowed in the pool.
7. Earphone should be used for radios or played at a volume that doesn’t disturb others.
8. Homeowners are responsible for any damages incurred by themselves and/or their guests.
9. Anyone showing signs of intoxication will be asked to leave the pool area.


1. All bathers must shower prior to using the pool.
2. Parent are cautioned to have children use the toilet before taking a shower or using the
3. Children not toilet trained must wear a clean, close-fitting diaper disposable swim
NOTE: Swim diapers, or diapers of any kind, do not prevent fecal bacteria from
entering the pool water. A bathing suit or plastic pants are recommended over
the diaper. This is mainly for extra protection against leakage in the event of a
bowel movement.
4. Swim diapers and swim pants are not a substitute for frequent diaper changing and
bathroom breaks. Swim diapers and swim pants must be checked frequently and
changed away from the poolside.
5. A $150.00 cleaning fee will be charged to the parent/homeowner, if your child defecates
in the pool.
6. All parents will be expected to properly dispose of dirty diapers in the trash receptacles
7. Person exhibiting any of the following will be denied use of the pool: open skin areas;
active bleeding or lesions with drainage; skin disease; inflamed eyes; a cold; nasal
discharge; ear discharge; or any communicable disease.
8. People having open blisters, cuts, or skin abrasions are hereby warned that these might
become infected and are advised not to use the pool.
9. Spitting, spouting of water or blowing the nose in the pool is strictly forbidden.
10. All babies and children under the age of three, must wear swimming diapers or snug
fitting cloth diapers with rubber pants and swim attire.
11. No pets are allowed in the pool area.

Breaking any pool rule could result in suspension of pool privileges

Water Slide Rules

1. To use the Water Slide:
a. You must be able to swim one pool length or be at least 48 inches tall.
2. Riders must wear swimsuits. No cutoff jeans or basketball shorts.
3. Only one rider on the slide at a time.
4. Enter slide in a sitting position only.
5. Ride slide feet first or lying on back.
6. Arms and feet must be kept in the flume.
7. Do not stop on the slide!
8. No tubes, mats, or life jackets permitted in flume.
9. Exit splashdown pool area immediately (bottom of the slide).
10. Form waiting line on pool deck, not on stairway.