All users are responsible for their own personal safety as well as their guests.
Children should not be left unattended.


Except for the rights of Cedar Grove Lakes LLC and the Association, the use of any sprinkler or irrigation system or well of any type that draws water from the lakes or any other body of water located at The Lakes of Cedar Grove is prohibited.


  • Fishing is allowed in the big lake ONLY and is restricted to Cedar Grove residents or property owners and their guests.
  • The Game and Fish Division of the Georgia Natural Resources Department requires that all persons aged 16 and over who fish in the lake obtain a fishing license from the State of Georgia.
  • Catch and release is preferred. The possession and size limits of Georgia law are applicable.
  • All fish caught for food consumption is done at your own risk.
  • No fish should be released into any of the lakes that have not come from the lakes.



  • Swimming is not permitted in any of the lakes.


  • Electric Motors having a rating of LOWER than 5 horse power are allowed on the big lake ONLY. NO gasoline motors may be used on any of the Cedar Grove lakes.
  • Non-motorized craft such as canoes, row boats, kayaks, paddleboats and rubber rafts are permitted in the big lake ONLY.
  • There must be one approved life cushion or jacket per person in the craft.
  • The craft must be operated in a safe and reasonable manner.
    Swimming from watercraft is prohibited.

Keep the Lakes and Trail System Clean

Please do not put any type of litter or liquids into the lakes including paper materials, waste materials, worn containers, soft drink bottles and cans, etc.

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