There are many opportunities to get involved in this community! Each position is filled by a volunteer resident and the giving of their time and expertise is what makes The Lakes at Cedar Grove such a thriving and dynamic place to live.

Landscape Committee

  • Observes, monitors, and makes recommendations that will improve or enhance the preservation and beauty of the Lakes of Cedar Grove community landscaping and common areas.
  • Sponsors events, and activities that will educate, train and inform the residents on the overall upkeep and maintenance of the community common areas, and their residences.
  • Plans forums that will benefit and energize the residents to become more active in the community
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Clubhouse Committee

  • Maintains and monitors the clubhouse so that the residents of the Lakes at Cedar Grove can benefit from events, activities, and forums throughout the year, hosted and sponsored by various committees, coordinators, property management, HOA board, and rented by residents.
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Neighborhood Watch

  • Establishes and maintains a cooperative and friendly network of residents working together to protect themselves, their neighbors and their community from crime through organization, education.
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Welcome Committee

  • Reaches out to new residents upon arrival into the Lakes of Cedar Grove community to ensure they are made to feel welcome within two weeks of their moving into the community.
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Pool Committee

  • Monitors and coordinates with pool staff during the pool season so the pool area operates smoothly including resident registration for the Lakes of Cedar Grove residents.
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Website Committee

  • The Coordinator oversees the Lakes at Cedar Grove community website, and encourages all residents in the who have internet access to have an active account access to the site.
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