Clubhouse Policy and Procedures

Clubhouse Reservation Guidelines for Classes/Service

Clubhouse availability for reservation is dependent upon community activities and scheduled events. In order to reserve the clubhouse, you must be a homeowner of The Lakes at Cedar Grove or The Village at Cedar Grove and in good standing with the Homeowners Association (HOA). All Clubhouse reservations are handled by Association Management Professionals. The Clubhouse Committee or the HOA Board reserves the right to decline the use of the clubhouse at their discretion. Reservations are confirmed in the order in which they are received and should be made no less than 2 weeks in advance.

There are two (3) ways in which you may request a reservation:

• Online: via the Clubhouse Reservation (best method)
• Email: using the contact us tab
• Email:

Requests should include: name, address in community, email and telephone number

At the time of reservation, a Reservation Packet (Reservation Form and Agreement and Host Liability Wavier Form)
should be completed by the reserving party along with the submission of the Reservation Fees. For copies of these forms, access The Lakes at Cedar Grove website (, click on the terms of use on the Clubhouse Reservation tab  or

Reservation Fees:

• Reservation Fee of $275.00 per day requested
• Security Deposit of $200.00

**Please note Clubhouse rentals only guarantees clubhouse and parking lots availability. Once your date is verified, you will be contacted by Association management Professionals regarding the timeline for submission of any additional associated fees and forms. For appointments to preview the Clubhouse, please call the Clubhouse voicemail box @ 770-892-4337. If you have other people involved with planning your event such as family members, an Event Planner, Decorator, Caterer, etc, be sure to find out if they will need to preview the space as multiple appointments may not be honored. To secure your date, you must tender a minimum of $275.00 for the reservation fee, a $200 security deposit, and the completed and signed reservation form (if not completed online), reservation agreement, and Host Liability Waiver Form. Acceptable forms of payment are check, money order or Paypal. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED. Payments must be payable to The Lakes at Cedar Grove Neighborhood Association, Inc. The Lakes at Cedar Grove will assume no liability for payments that do not conform to this payment procedure.

• Reservation Fee – ONLY refundable if the reservation is cancelled IN WRITING at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event.
• Damage Deposit – The clubhouse will be inspected after the scheduled event. If the clubhouse is found in the same condition in which it is presented, the deposit will be returned. The management company handles all refunds.

Refunds will be issued NO EARLIER THAN AT LEAST 7 DAYS after the event date. If there are damages, amounts will be deducted from the deposit. Damages in excess of the deposit ($200.00) will be assessed to the reserving party. Damages include but are not limited to: damaged or missing furniture, tape on walls/ceilings, damaged electronics (Stereo, DVD/CD player, projector/screen), damage to floors, counters, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, patio, security alarm not set, false alarms, keys not returned.

Others Fees & Guidelines

  • Trash left inside clubhouse – $25.00
  • Furniture not set up properly – $25.00 (see drawer for photos)
  • Security Alarm Not Set – $50.00
  • Cancellation less than 14 days prior to event – $50.00
  • Cancellation less than 5 days prior to event – forfeiture of Reservation Fee
  • Damages to Clubhouse – $ Fair Market value for cleaning, repairs or replacement of damaged items

Clubhouse Rental Hours:
Monday – Thursday and Sunday: 11 am – 10 pm
Friday – Saturday: 11 am-Midnight


• Reserving parties must provide one chaperone for every ten attendees under the age of 21.
• Residents are not allowed to rent the clubhouse more than 6 times per year without special approval.
• A separate reservation fee and reservation packet must be submitted for each date requested.
• If 50% or more of the attendees are under the age of 21, a uniform police officer or uniform certified officer must be in attendance for the duration of the event.
• Setup of the Clubhouse is not permitted until the morning of your event. Setting up earlier will require rental of the day prior to your event at the normal rate.

Blackout Rental Dates:

• The clubhouse is not available to be reserved when a community event is being held at the clubhouse.
• Additionally, as committee members are residents of the community and volunteers, the clubhouse is not available to be reserved on holidays or every weekend. Blackout dates will be noted on the monthly calendars.

Thermostat Controls:
Summer – Set no lower than 74 during use; Set at 78 when closing up
Winter – Set no higher than 68 during use; Set at 60 when closing up

Once your date is verified, you will be contacted via email to arrange a date to submit your reservation fee and forms. At this time you may preview the Clubhouse if needed.