These rules are intended as guidelines for basketball court use. Common courtesy is requested by all players.

1. Court hours are from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm daily

2. Courts are for Lakes at Cedar Grove members in good standing only and their escorted guests.

3. Each resident is responsible for the activities of their guests.

4. All residents and their guest must wear their LCG wristbands while playing basketball.

5. All residents and guest should be prepared to show their amenity wristband to authorized officers or agents of the HOA as identification to use the courts. Any resident not in possession of a wristband will be asked to leave by Security, Neighborhood Watch and/or the police.

6. Courts are located behind Pheasant Trail and on Stillmist Dr. where residents live. Please be considerate of them by keeping noise levels low and abiding by operating hours.

7. Obscene language, weapons, drugs, vandalism, harassment or any illegal activity is prohibited. Offenders will be asked to leave, may have their basketball court use suspended and the police may be called.

8. No rowdiness, use of the “N” word or displays of unsportsmanlike like conduct will be tolerated from players and/or guests. Doing so may warrants suspension and/or expulsion of the violators’ right to use the LCG amenities.

9. Gambling is strictly prohibited.

10. Persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs shall be subject to arrest, prosecution and suspended from the basketball court for the remainder of the season.

11. Proper sports attire must be worn while using the courts. Athletic shoes must be worn. Shirts must be worn at all times. No hard-soled shoes or spiked shoes are permitted on the court.

12. Residents are responsible for cleaning up their trash and debris from court areas.

13. The basketball courts are to be used for basketball only.

14. Tampering with, defacing and damage to the basketball courts, nets, etc…will not be tolerated and will warrant the temporary or permanent closure of the basketball courts, as well as suspension of rights and expulsion of violators. Monetary damages will be assessed and recouped from violators.

15. Basketball courts should not be used for: – Skateboarding, Roller skating, Roller blading, Remote control devices and bikes. – Bicycles, strollers or chairs. – Hanging from rims, nets, or goal supports – Pets, except to assist disable persons of disability, on the court or in the court area. – Vehicles except for maintenance or emergency. – Food or drink, except water. – Alcoholic beverages. – Glass containers on or around the basketball courts. – Spitting on the courts. – Tobacco products – Painting, chalking, tape or other adhesive material shall be placed on the court surface without prior approval. – Attaching items to fence, light poles, or basketball goals. – Use of personal sound systems and/or radios.

16. Please be considerate of residents who may wish to use the basketball courts.

17. Courts may be closed at any time due to safety related concerns and/or unsavory behavior including violence and graffiti.

18. The Lakes at Cedar Grove HOA has the right to add and make chances to any rules as it seems fit for the basketball program.

19. Repeated failure to comply with the rules and/or guidelines of the basketball court of a resident (and/or their guest) will be review by The Lakes at Cedar Grove HOA (or it’s designee).

We expect your cooperation in the best interest of all of the residents at The Lakes at Cedar Grove.