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The Lakes at Cedar Grove eMail Bulletin


The Lakes at Cedar Grove

In an effort to bring awareness to, and improve the tree canopy in the community, the Board of Directors would like to remind homeowners to ensure their trees are trimmed in accordance to the covenants.

During recent inspections of the community, it has been noted that trees along the streets (sidewalks) are not being maintained by homeowners.  If there is a tree on your property (in your yard or along the sidewalk) it must be maintained accordingly.  Please make sure that trees are trimmed/pruned and maintained with community-wide standard groundcovering,

All trees between the street and your home are the homeowners responsibility and are required to be maintained at a clearance of 6'.

Some vendors that have expressed interest in trimming the trees are:

Saye Tree: 770-964-4320

Danforth Tree Specialists:  770-463-2117

Payments will be the responsibility of the homeowner.  Payment will be arranged directly with homeowner and vendor.  The Lakes at Cedar Grove Community Association, Inc assumes no responsibility for work performed or vendor selection.


This is a Publication of the Lakes at Cedar Grove